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Celebrity Weddings and Events

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Coconut Cove Resort & Marina is the keys Movie headquarters, your indoor and out door studio, we have done it all, photo shoots, Catalog, commercials, series, corporate communications, fishing series, underwater filming, T.V. series, advertising literature and major movie productions. We can do it all catering, props, talent, scene construction, stunt coordination, location scouting, and more.  

With so many scenes and equipment we get the shots, marina available, native hammocks, Hemmingway type keys restaurant, a world famous Tiki bar, Tiki dance floor, gorgeous beach scenes hotel rooms with Jacuzzi's, two waterfalls and swimming pool, all water craft, submarine, majestic coconut grove, multiple Tiki huts, incredible sunrises, wildlife, and moons scenes over the ocean, with our construction crew there is no limits to what we can supply

With a proven record of getting the shoot under budget join companies like Yamaha, G I Joe, Fun To Do, Travel Companies, Bikini manufactures, most catalog's, Gone Fishing T.V. Series, and BBC Productions, Pop Art Productions, Guinea Pig, Discovery Channel, Bachelor French, Pink, Nancy's Kitchen, and so many more. Add your name to successful productions. Coconut Cove Resort & Marina has the security and privacy to GET THE SHOOT for any production!

Owner Paul Bates acting along side top models, he is also a production assistance and location scout for the Florida Keys. He has also stunt and model work to his credits.

Props: Whether you need police cars, coast guard helicopters, boats, submarines, ultralights, small airplanes, guns, underwater camera's, we work with all agencies, know the folks and can arrange almost anything.

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