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Brides Always Recommend Coconut Cove

What can we say? John and I (Todd's parents) were completely blown away by the weekend from beginning to end. The wedding was just as magical as you promised it would be, and your staff was accommodating even with our extremely large group of boisterous guests. We started the celebration upon arriving on Thursday and continued until we reluctantly left on Sunday afternoon.

I know that our families were particular and had many special requests regarding the wedding, but the two of you made it all a reality for us, and allowed us the liberties to personalize each step of the way.

Paul, I know that a career in weddings was not the first path you chose, but you have surely found a way to blend something you are very good at and also have a passion for. How wonderful for you !!!!!!......and we wish you and Magda continued success with all your future brides and grooms.


John and Debbie Miller

PS You were right, many guests told us that this was the best wedding that they had ever attended!

John and Debbie Miller

Paul and Magda,

This was our first destination wedding and we were so fortunate Gina and 
Eric chose Coconut Cove Resort to fulfill their ideal wedding experience.

Many of our guests chose to enjoy a long weekend on Islamorada because of 
such a wonderful location. As a result, family and friends gathered 
throughout the weekend evenings to share reports on the activities of the 
day. We had stories of diving, fishing, touring, bathing and 'just plain 
relaxing' experiences.

Coconut Cove Resort became our extended home base throughout the long 
weekend leading up to Sunday evening's wedding ceremony. We couldn't have 
had better help from all of you at the resort to make all our guests feel 

Paul, your ceremony on the beach was so personal and suited to our bride and 
groom. They wanted a relaxing, tropical setting with "island time" pace and 
so it was.

Magda, all your flower arrangements and bouquets were so beautifully created 
and provided the perfect floral accents both on the beach and around the 
reception area. We all await the photography you produced because just 
seeing the pre-production setups make the end result so excitedly 

By the many reports from our guests, the food choices served were a big hit. 
The chicken and fish got rave reviews and all the sides were wonderfully 
delicious. Kudos to the cake baker of the key lime wedding cake. It had to 
be the most tasty wedding cake we have ever had and were lucky enough to 
have enjoyed some leftovers!

Your DJ did a great job as well. Our suggestion would be to perhaps 
move his staging to the pool side of the Tiki hut to allow for better 
natural air flow off the beach onto the dance floor; or perhaps a ceiling 
fan installed over the dance floor area would work. Many guests got too 
warm to dance after the initial introductions, but they did enjoy the music 
anyway as background to conversation.

Thank you to Rick for all his good natured assistance throughout the 
weekend. He gave great advice for local eateries for our guests and kept 
the coffee flowing throughout the day. The Island Grill provided a great 
place for an informal gathering for many of our guests on Friday evening to 
meet and get to know each other which then carried over through the weekend.

Thank you to Pam in Housekeeping for taking such good care of our bride and 
groom and many of our guests.

Thank you to the ladies who set up for the reception; they were very 
accommodating with a few special requests and made our reception area look 
like a tropical fairyland.

Paul and Magda, you certainly do your best to make your weddings the best 
they can be and we look forward to enjoying your hospitality again soon.

Warmest Regards,

Carol and Bruce Diesl Parents of the Groom

Dear Paul and Magda,
Well it is over and we are back to normal at home. What a wonderful weekend we had. Ever guest that attended came to us and said they had never been to such a fun and beautiful wedding. Nichole and John said it was everything and more than they ever thought it could be. Paul and Magda you really out did yourselves. It was truly a spectacular time. I would not change a thing if we had it to do over. We have some wonderful photos that Bruce is going to be sending to you. I hope you can use them to help promote your weddings. We would recommend any one to use you and this location. Thanks for making our daughter's dreams come true.
Cindy Watford
mother of the bride










Cindy Watford

Thank you Paul Magda and staff for creating the best wedding ever for us! Everything from the pre-wedding bone fire to the wonderful ceremony and reception was perfect. It was even more beautiful than we could have imagined. Every guest felt that our wedding was the best they ever been to. The flowers were beautiful, the DJ was excellent, your servers made everyone feel like kings and queens. The food was magnificent!! Thank you! Thank your! Thank You! we look forward to coming to Coconut Cove on future vacations

Rachel and Steve Degal

Rachel and Steve Degal

Paul after a year of planning I realized that during the wedding that my wedding meant more too you than it did to me, your exceeded all my expectations, thanks Love Gina Mussoline now Mrs Peter Jantzen!!!

Love Gina Mussoline now Mrs Peter Jantzen

Paul and Magda and crew!!!!
Hi! It's Gina Diesl from June 10th! I just wanted to THANK YOU all for making our day so very special. When we were there it felt like we were the only couple in the world that was getting married that day! You made us feel like family and everyone agrees that it was the most personal and beautiful ceremony they have ever experienced. Thank you so much for making our wedding day so wonderful!
Love to you both! 

Gina and Eric Diesl

Paul & Magda;

We scooted out so fast on Sunday that I didn't get to reiterate what an absolutely PERFECT time we had. You both were completely on point and made every aspect of the wedding seamless.

I never once had any doubt about how the day would go and plan on ranting and raving to anyone who will listen, about what a beautiful experience we had.

Thank You, Thank You Thank You!!!!

Matt, Em, & Blake Wallace

Dear Paul, Magda and Crew,

Hi you guys! This is Aaron and Megan Cormican we got married on October 28th. I just wanted to tell you thank you so very much for the most amazing wedding! Everyone is still talking about it weeks later! We had such a wonderful time, there is not one thing that we would change. Your resort is beautiful and your staff is equally great! We will remember that day for the rest of our lives! I am so excited to recieve the photos that Magda took! The flowers were beautiful, she was amazing! Again, thank you so much! We can't wait to come back and hang out by the pool! Talk to you soon, hope all is well!

Aaron and Megan Cormican

Paul & Magda;

The food was incredible, everything was perfect, Paul you promised with my package with the fireworks my guests would say it was the best wedding they have ever attended, they all did, thank you so much, you made all my dreams came true, love

Diana White & Keith Ferguson

Dear Paul and Magda,

This is Pam Goins mother of Samantha that got married on June 6, 2007 I just want to say thank you, everything was so wonderful and you and Magda did everything and made my daughters wedding so very special, thank you so very much!

Samanth Crumley and Nicholas Olson

Dear Paul & Magda:


Ana and I would like to thank you for a wonderful evening and for making our day the best of all.

I truly appreciate all the staff that helped us out through all the evening.

I also wanted to congratulate you for such a beautiful place and I know we just became regular customers

So my all family.

Thank you again and I hope to see you guys soon.

Ceasar Hurtado

Dear Paul & Magda

As soon as we left, we missed Coconut Cove! You really felt like our family while we were there, and we are so thankful for everything you have done for us.

Our relatives are already looking for our 1 year anniversary there! (We told them we need time to recover first)

Please feel free to direct any potential clients our way for testimonials to

We would be more than happy to tell them how all our guests claimed this was "THE BEST WEDDING EVER" just as you said! We also have some beautiful pictures of the set up of the resort that we will email, and you can use.


Selina & Greg Robleto

Hello Paul and Magda, 
This is Mark and Betty Reed. Exactly one year ago today we were married on the beach at Coconut Cove. We enjoyed every single minute we were there. We had planned on visiting Coconut Cove this week, however, my sister is 9 months pregnant so we had to change our plans. We are planning a trip to the Keys over Christmas and New Year's. We would love to stop by and see you guys when we get there. We hope all is well with the family and the business. Thank you so much for making our special day so wonderful. We, along with all of our guests still talk about our wedding weekend. 
Take Care, 

Betty and Mark Reed

"If I do not exceed all your expectations and here from your guest it is the best wedding they have ever attended I will not be happy, because it happens EVERY wedding"

Paul Bates owner, planner minister and coordinator

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