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Coconut Cove Dolphin Tournament Benefiting Leukema Society of America
in Memory of Joy Bates

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1. ENTRY FEE: $85 for adults, $35 for children and $30 for Socials; this includes the entry, meeting, buffet, and refreshments including free draft beer on Friday night as well as Saturday night's victory celebration. There will be no late fees. This entry is non-transferable and there can be no substitutions of anglers unless approved in writing by the Tournament Director. The Tournament Director reserves the right to refuse tournament application or entry to any prospective entrant, with or without cause, at its sole discretion.

2. GEOGRAPHICAL LIMITS & WEATHER: Only a hurricane will cancel tournament. Captains are ultimately responsible for their crew and should make all decisions regarding safe sea conditions.
All fishing must take place in the waters between MM 109 to MM 60.

3. OPEN CLASS TACKLE: Rod and reel only--no hand line or electric reels allowed. In the event of a tie, the first fish to be weighed-in will be declared the winner. An angler is eligible for only one prize. All fish presented for weigh-in must be fresh, in edible condition, and caught the day of the tournament. Prize categories are: Top Angler 1st Place, Top Angler 2nd Place, and Top Junior Angler, Top Ladies Angler, Hardluck and Strangest Catch. Winners will have the single fish that weighs the greatest weight.

4. TIME LIMITS: Other than bait catching, lines and teasers in the water at 7:00 A.M. and lines out of the water at 4:30 P.M. All fish must be weighed in at Coconut Cove Resort by 6:30 P.M.

5. OTHER PARTICULARS: From the time the fish strikes the bait or lure, the angler must hook and fight the fish without the aid of any other person. Any other person touching any part of the rod, reel, or line except the leader, will disqualify the fish. Others may only give assistance in helping to adjust the fighting belt or harness, wipe away sweat or bring drinks. PLEASE DON'T CATCH YOUR LIMIT AND LIMIT YOUR CATCH TO OVER 12 LBS. EACH. THROW THE LITTLE ONES BACK.

If a fish should become hooked on more than one line, or become entangled in another line, then the fouled line or lines must be cut immediately. It is the intent of this rule that the fish be fought the majority of the time on a single line. If the fish is not fought the majority of the time on a single line, then the fish will not be scored.

Live bait chumming is PROHIBITED! Live bait, dead bait or artificial bait may be used. No entangling device or material may be used. Fish must be caught by hook and line in a conventional manner.

6. All winners are potentially subject to a polygraph examination. Any violation of rules witnessed by two (2) or more registered anglers must be submitted in writing to the Tournament Director no later than fifteen (15) minutes preceding weigh-in.

ALL DECISIONS OF THE COMMITTEE* ARE FINAL. The Tournament Committee may amend the rules if necessary. Rules not stated here will be covered by IGFA rules. All protests must be made in writing & filed with the Tournament Director before 7:00 P.M. the day of the protest to be considered. The Tournament Director may rule immediately or reserve judgment until the end of the tournament. The final disposition on all protests, where judgment has been withheld, will be determined by the polygraph examination.
Participants in the tournament enter at their own risk. Officials, committee members and all persons connected directly or indirectly with the operation of the Coconut Cove Resort Dolphin Tournament shall be exempt from any liability for loss, damage, negligence, harm or injury suffered by any participant, entrant, sport fisherman, their companions, boat captains, crew members, vessels and equipment, which may occur during the tournament. The participants in this contest will be furthering the efforts of the American Cancer Society and Florida Keys Fishing Tournaments, Inc. Thank you for your participation.

Jennie Sievers, Paul Bates, Joanne Fleming-Fahner, Skip Bradeen, Brian DeCent, PJ, and Brad Lange. looking for more committee members.